GILGIT LPG Storage and Filling PlantPrimer Gas company has a Storage and Filling Plant at Gilgit which is satuated 15 miles towards Hunza valley with a beautiful Surrounding while Shahra-e-Raisham is also passing near by.Gilgit is the business and trade hub of Northern Area especially the trade between Pakistan and China is being done over there since last 30 years. Its valleys like Skardu , Chillas , Hunza , and Swat are full of Natural beauty and attract the world tourist however the peoples of the Area suffers during winter season due to lake off fuel to worm them and their houses. Keeping view of the situation our company has started LPG distribution but due to limitation in LPG production we could not Meet the requirement.
The Aftab Traders is a group of companies which includes Primer gas, Itfaque gas, and Power gas. Our Filling Plant at Karachi is located at Port Bin-Quasim ,It has been equipped with ultra modern equipment like Saraga Electronic filling machines purchased from France, Safety Equipment meet the international standards ,It have its own Power Generation system , It have Huge LPG storage facility Equipped with modern control systems , Bulk LPG handling with Tankers/Bou/ers have also been Provided. The Plant is controlled by vary experienced and dedicated Officers and staff, the Plant can handle more then 100 Mt of LPG in a day .It supply LPG to Sindh and Balochistan Filled cylinders of domestic and commercial size are currently being marketed in these two Provinces from Bin-Quasim Plant.
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